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Giving nature a new home.
How do you give life to a community in a place no one has heard of and resonate with three very different target groups on a personal level?

For Midhurst Valley, we conducted in-depth research into the behaviors, needs, and problems these groups were facing for their housing needs. We chose three real families from each target group and spent several days unearthing insights into their lives and how we could tap them for our communication.

For the first time in this industry, real, Canadian families were cast for the campaign, and we showcased their story as to why they bought into Midhurst Valley. Each family’s story centered around the insight and problem they were facing.

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Our campaign promise

‘It's in your nature' became a direct call to action for prospects to follow their natural instinct and come live at Midhurst Valley.

4M +



LEADS CAPTURED 90% from 3 target audiences


LOTS SOLD OUT OF 248 IN 1 week