Future Fourward.
Bringing Four Brands Together

Since 1978, Concelco has provided fully integrated utility solutions. Therefore, they have incorporated several different industrial companies into the portfolio resulting in a complex brand architecture that was hemorrhaging its brand equity. That's where NGEN came in. The four unique branded companies that comprised of its infrastructure business were not known to exist as part of the same group. This meant, investing more in brand awareness, business retention, and acquisition.

We redesigned their logos and identities to leverage each other, which we streamlined Conelco's unique product offering and business solutions into a single-brand architecture to help them migrate from complexity to simplicity.

The redesigned identity leverages the master brand to bring all four business streams to life in a cohesive way. By focusing on an integrated experience, all four companies were able to reside in a single space, enabling prospects to understand the CEG offering and solutions.