We are an agency with a core focus:
raise the bar for brands facing growing pains

Hello! We’re NGEN, and we are what you call an advertising agency. But we prefer to see ourselves as dialogue starters and good listeners. We strive to create relevance and consideration for brands looking to unlock their full potential.

We create relevance

Quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate

and consideration

The act of considering, careful thought, something kept in mind in making a decision, evaluating facts, sympathetic regard or respect, an opinion based upon reflection, esteem

for emerging brands

Come into view, become visible, apparent, important, or prominent. Become known

Our approach: we have
this mantra
for everything we do

NGEN Communications

We must understand

We think before we act, we make it our business to understand your business. Time spent planning is time well spent. Measure twice, cut once.
NGEN Communications

Stand for something

We believe in the power of ideas that differentiate, connect and engage, where every touch-point with your customer is pertinent. Precise. Integrated. And effective.
NGEN Communications

Do something outstanding

Creativity and flawless execution are essential to change behaviour, address objectives, boost sales and take your brand where it deserves to be.

And we do it with:


NGEN Communications


NGEN Communications


NGEN Communications


NGEN Communications


Proudly Canadian from
all corners of the world

The saying ‘the sum of the parts is greater than the whole’ certainly applies to our group of well-versed communications professionals. We're proud to have a great mix of senior and youth, local and global, strategic thinkers and passionate doers, because it's the interaction of different experiences and cultures that can shape new points of views to create ideas that transform.

Executive team

Joe Grasso

Joe Grasso

President & Business Director

Joe leads the team in providing strategic direction to emerging brands who want to realize their full market potential.

With over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales, supply management, technology implementation and process reengineering, his multidisciplinary and fully integrated marketing approach has enabled him to work with and re-shape some of the most notable lifestyle and development brands in today’s competitive landscape.

A natural-born workaholic that puts his heart and soul into his work while finding time to work on his home reno projects during his 36 hour day.

Joe is a marketing graduate of Seneca College of applied Arts and Technology and holds a SCMP designation from the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada.

Dion Widrich

Dion Widrich

VP of Operations

Dion co-founded NGEN after running his own boutique design agency with North America's leading companies as clients, including Canon, Computer Associates, Kia Motors, Apotex Pharmaceuticals, Schlage/Ingersoll Rand, Symbol Technologies, Hudson's Bay Company and Heinz. An honour graduate in visual communication design and photography from York University, he directs day-to-day operations of NGEN’s creative department, managing budgets, timelines and resources, keeping everything running smoothly, even his classic car.

Michael Reneau

Michael Reneau

New Business Strategist

Michael champions the core disciplines of strategy, creativity and business acumen. The consummate adman, with a proven track record for consistently developing and delivering results for clients such as Toyota, Sporting Life, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Carlsberg Beer and Casino Niagara. A devoted practitioner of integrated communications, a smart digital presence and the power of one-to-one marketing, he offers clients a unique perspective on marketing solutions and advertising best practices. Mike’s not being afraid to walk into a dark room and find the light switch.

Michael Reneau

Tania Sharma

Senior Account Director

Tania is our ambitious and charismatic head of accounts who has previously worked with clients like TELUS, Public Mobile, Dyson, Ford, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Snickers, Bacardi, Pizza Hut and KFC.

She’s a dedicated team player who sees every project through from its inception to delivery while being enthusiastic about ensuring that the client is always satisfied.

Her work has received numerous accolades worldwide at Socialathon Awards, Diginomics, Dragons of Asia, Summit Creative Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, Marcom Awards and Lurzer's Archive. Tania obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University and participated in activities and clubs related to music, theatre, and dance. She’s an artistic person with lots to offer and a strong work ethic that shines through in every task that she takes on.

Victor Schmidlin

Victor Schmidlin

Creative Director

Multi-award winning all-rounder with a bachelor in Advertising and Marketing, an MBA in Corporate Communications, and a recent graduate of Miami Ad School’s strategic planning program. Victor has been recognized with 30+ international awards and was nominated 1 of 20 new talents of the promo marketing industry. He has led creative for clients such as Honda, Renault, Volvo Trucks, Mondelez, Kraft, Caixa (Brazilian National Bank), Embratur (Brazilian National Tourism), Tim (Italian telecom leader in mobile services) HSBC and Electrolux. We thought Victor was a closet metalhead because he plays a 7 string guitar, but it turns out he has recorded 2 albums and was profiled by Guitar Player magazine.

Gildie Nazari

Gildie Nazari

Studio Manager

With 9 years as a communications lecturer and 17 as a designer, Gildie is the definition of a creative media maven. She’s passionate and expert in digital design, content creation, branding, corporate identity and package design. She has taught over 1000 students in semiotics, marketing, font design, history of typography and design basics. She holds 2 national sporting records, speaks 3 languages, plays 4 types of recorders and has written and illustrated 5 children's books she’s too modest to have published. A non-stop learner, Gildie recently added to her skillset at OCAD, Red Academy and Hackeryou catching up on the latest UX/UI trends. This while running a tight studio, ensuring projects are on time and on budget, all the while being the most adored person in the agency.

Stephen Jeevaratnam

Stephen Jeevaratnam

Digital Manager

Stephen heads up our IT department, turning great creative ideas into websites, eblasts, and interactive displays. After graduating from Carlton U with degrees in Computer Science with Honours and minor Mathematics he spent almost two decades in Europe before returning home to Canada to work on some of the top online retail brands in the country. Notably, he was included in the Top 10 Mathematicians in the country and admits to holding a Black Belt in the Martial Arts. Who are we to argue?

NGEN Communications
Many like to
NGEN Communications
We prefer to

And our beliefs guide us
in the constant search for clarity

RULE #1:
Dream big, think hard.

You already have the no. Go for the yes.

RULE #2:
Don’t follow the road. Build the path.

No shortcuts or the easy way. We are passionate thinkers in every step of the project.

RULE #3:
Results are not an ending, but a journey.

Data is just data, unless we learn from it.

RULE #4:
Ideas are worth paying for.

Ideas are the cornerstone to business success.

RULE #5:
Ask even the dumbest question.

Because there are no dumb questions. ‘ What ifs’ are the motor for innovation.

RULE #6:
The 40/40/20 rule.

40% we know, 40% we know we don't know. Together, we find the 20% and that’s the difference.

RULE #7:
À la carte.

We believe in appropriate needs-based scalable solutions.

RULE #8:
Keep it simple, nimble and focused.

We remove needless layers of bureaucracy with a flat structure, acting as a single strategic point of contact.

RULE #9:
Media agnostic.

It doesn’t matter where, as long as it connects and engages people.

RULE #10:

The original social platform. The others are tools to get there.

RULE #11:
Experience matters.

Where you have been shapes where you can go.

RULE #12:
Shared agenda.

Our biggest reward is when our clients win.

RULE #13:
The thumb principle.

In today’s mobile world, your thumbs rule. To be liked, you have to be quick and easy.

RULE #14:
Collaborative spirit.

We respect, we mentor, we covet different points of view. Dialogue is the definition of our business.

RULE #15:
We love sales.

A story well-told results in, guess what?

RULE #16:
The last 3 feet.

At the point of sale, it’s a small reach for the consumer. But a crucial decision for the brand.

RULE #17:
Relevance above it all.

What makes people tick? If the message is not pertinent to the target, it's useless.

Here are some brands
that believe in our work

Brand and Category Experience

  • Automotive
  • Dealer Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Kia Motors
  • Mister Transmission
  • Porsche Services Canada
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • AJW Engineering
  • Aluminous Lighting Systems
  • Conelco Group
  • Condrain Group
  • Coundrain Group
  • DG Road Flushing
  • Downsview Group
  • G&L Group
  • Resoil Solutions


  • Arten Developments
  • AspenRidge Homes
  • Brookfield Residential
  • CountryWide Homes
  • Denham Custom Design & Build
  • Dunsire Developments
  • Fairgate Homes
  • GreenPark Group
  • Ikore Developments
  • Indesign Homes
  • Lakeview Homes
  • Marycroft Homes
  • Pace Developments
  • Parcel Developments
  • Regal Crest Homes
  • Remington Homes
  • Rodeo Fine Homes
  • Royalcliff Homes
  • Sierra Corporation
  • TerraFirma Homes Corporation
  • The Conservatory Group
  • Thornridge Homes
  • TownWood Homes
  • Trimax Developments
  • Wycliffe Homes
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Canon
  • Duc d’O
  • Erth Coverings
  • Global
  • Hröon Waterwerken
  • Less Mess
  • Nunu Educational Products
  • Salbro Bottles
  • Schlage Locks
  • US Tax Recovery
  • Retirement
  • AllianceCare
  • RichView Manor
  • St Bernard’s Residence
  • UniversalCare
  • Financial
  • Benecaid
  • Monster Mortgage
  • Morrison Financial
  • Luxury & Lifestyle
  • Canada’s Bridal Show
  • Ceasar’s Palace
  • Chateau Le Parc
  • Devil's Den Golf & Beach Volleyball Centre
  • Light Group
  • MGM City Center
  • Technology
  • Computer Associates
  • Par Technology Corp
  • Symbol Technologies
  • Real Estate
  • Condor Properties
  • Home & Condo Market Brokerage
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Minto Group
  • P2 Realty
  • Royal LePage
  • Government Associations
  • Accerta
  • CDCA - Claremont & District Community Association

Accolades & Industry

2021 | Global Excellence Awards - 'Best Full-Service Marketing & Advertising Agency - Canada'

2020 | Summit Creative Award - Silver: 'Red Umbrella - Specialty Item/Giveaway/Leave-behind', NGEN

2020 | Summit Creative Award - Bronze: 'Leads - B2B/Trade Advertising', NGEN

2020 | Summit Creative Award - Bronze: 'Eyeballs - Industry Self-Promotion Campaign', NGEN

2020 | Summit Creative Award - Bronze: 'Brochure', Le Triomphe Luxury Condominiums

2020 | 40th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Project of the Year, Low-Rise' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2020 | 40th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'People’s Choice Award' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2020 | The Nationals Silver Awards - 'Best Digital Marketing Campaign' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2020 | The Nationals Silver Awards - 'Best Presentation Centre' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2020 | The Nationals Silver Awards - 'Best Special Promotion' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2020 | The Nationals Silver Awards - 'Best Video - long format' for Observatory Hill

2019 | SCHBA Awards of Creative Excellence - 'Project of the Year' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | OHBA Awards of Distinction - "Best Low-Rise Project Video" for Observatory Hill

2019 | Canadian Business and Maclean’s - Growth 500 - Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

2019 | Summit Creative Award - Gold: 'Cartifacts - Print Advertising B2B Campaign', DSMA

2019 | Summit Creative Award - Silver: 'Rebranding and Repositioning', ErthCoverings

2019 | Summit Creative Award - Bronze: 'Logo Redesign', Nunu Educational Products

2019 | CHBA National Awards - Winner: 'Sales Office - Low-rise' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | CHBA National Awards - Finalist: 'Signage & Logo' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | CHBA National Awards - Finalist: 'Marketing Excellence Award for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Winner: ‘Best Project Branding & Identity, Low-Rise’ for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Winner: ‘Best Long Video’ for Observatory Hill

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: ‘Best Project Branding & Identity, Low-Rise’ for Observatory Hill

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: ‘Best Short Video’ for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: ‘Best Digital Marketing Campaign’ for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: ‘Best Digital Marketing Campaign’ for Observatory Hill

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Project of the Year, Low-Rise' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Project of the Year, Low-Rise' for Observatory Hill

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'People’s Choice Award' for Urban North, Pace Developments

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'People’s Choice Award' for Observatory Hill

2019 | 39th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Best International Project of the Year' for Gates of Edgehill, Dunsire Developments

2018 | 38th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Best Overall Marketing Campaign' for CountryWide Homes

2018 | 38th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Best Non-Sales Video' for CountryWide Homes

2018 | 38th Bild Awards - Winning Submission: 'Green Builder of the Year' for Dunsire Developments

2016 | 36th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Best Direct Mail' for The Anchors, Dunsire Developments

2016 | 36th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Best Sales Video' for Avenue on 7, Ikore Developments

2016 | 36th Bild Awards - Finalist: 'Best Sales Office - Small' for Otto, CountryWide Homes