Le Triomphe

With a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi


Le Triomphe

A triumph of tightly targeted marketing for the discerning client? Voilà!

Le Triomphe is an upmarket condominium in a wealthy neighbourhood of Aurora. NGEN was involved from initial product development, helping determine the best site plan arrangement to create more sales opportunities. This increased unit count and sizes resulted in new revenue potential for the client.

The name and the delicate, vintage branding were inspired by the building’s French-classical architecture. Sophistication needed to be perceived in every touch point of the campaign, from well-appointed site signs to search-optimized registration page, from an informative microsite with elegant interface to the sales centre with interactive touch screens, where visitors receive a glossy, heavy stock brochure. All designed for buyers to have a magnifique experience.

Marketing Consultancy

Community Branding and Positioning Signage

Lead Generation

Advertising Campaign

Digital Presence

Architectural Renderings

Sales Centre

Touchscreen and Print Design

2020 | Summit Creative Award



Le Triomphe Luxury Condominiums

Le TriompheLe TriompheLe TriompheLe TriompheLe Triomphe
Le TriompheLe TriompheLe Triomphe
Le Triomphe
Le Triomphe
Le Triomphe